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Thursday Thought Leader: Maria Xanthakis

This week I spoke with Maria Xanthakis for our Thursday Thought Leader Q&A. A Huntington Beach resident since 1980, Maria is a powerhouse in the real estate business.

She told me what she loves most about her community: “It’s a very small city feeling. You go into the market and people say hello… you get to know people very quickly.”

I was curious to know how the market has been holding up in Maria’s area, and learned that although the market took a hard hit initially due to COVID-19, things are starting to look up. “We have seen a market increase just in the last three weeks. We’ve had a 38% increase in listings and in sales.”

In reference to how she is advising clients who are currently buying and selling homes, Maria says the time is now. “I’m telling them that if they need to sell their house, they should get that house on the market now. In a month, we’re going to have more listings than we’ve ever had because our spring market is backed up. And the same with buyers. If you have something you need to buy, buy it now.”

To hear more from my conversation with Maria about how our industry has changed in light of COVID-19, watch our full discussion on Instagram here. To start your real estate journey, give me a call today at 714-504-9730.

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