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11 Spring Cleaning Tips That Will Help Maintain Or Increase The Value Of Your Home

Happy First Day of Spring! Below you will find 11 spring cleaning tips for homeowners who want to maintain or increase the value of their home. There are a lot of things on this list, but if you can move through them, it will make upkeep of your house easier year over year and could even help to increase the value of your home!

1. Your Clutter

Cleaning and decluttering is probably the least expensive way to make your home feel larger. According to a survey by the National Association of Realtors, 93 percent of agents recommend decluttering your home prior to listing. Keep only the essentials, and put everything else in storage, give it away, or sell it. Not only will your home feel cleaner and bigger when it’s not filled with stuff, this process will save you time when you’re ready to move.

2. Your Deep Clean

89 percent of realtors recommend cleaning your home before showings, so wipe down or paint the cupboards, clean the grout between tiles, clear everything off the counters. Re-caulk tubs, showers and sinks and polish the fixtures. Make sure no mold is present and if it is have it removed and treated appropriately.

3. Your Popcorn Ceilings

Otherwise known as cottage cheese ceilings or acoustic ceilings, this type of treatment was common in homes built from 1950-1980. Unfortunately modern day homebuyers don’t like it. Consider removing or covering a popcorn ceiling this spring and you could see an increase the value of your home.

4. Your Windows

Instead of just wiping down the inside, make sure you take to the outdoors during spring cleaning season to remove spots and smudges you don't usually have time to tackle. Also be sure to clean the curtains and blinds. Side note, don’t forget to dust any light fixtures and replace any burnt-out bulbs. A room filled with light will feel more warm and inviting.

5. Your Countertops

Seal your countertops as soon as they are installed and if you haven’t had them sealed, now is the time. If you have had them sealed, it’s probably time to have them re-sealed. You'll know they're sealed properly when water beads and forms droplets on the surface.

6. Your Wood Floors

Even though you might think you should mop your wooden floors every week, this chore could ruin them. Instead, you should only wet-clean them once every one to two months and spot-clean as needed. Then make sure you use trivets or saucers under plants to avoid water damage and use furniture protectors to avoid scratches.

7. Your Carpet

You should clean your carpet at least once a year. So, make that date easy to remember and have them cleaned every year near the first day of spring. In the long run, your carpet will last longer and cleaning the dust, pet dander, and dirt can even help to reduce allergies in the house. Keep in minds that the walls, ceiling and floors are what potential buyers pay the closest attention to while on home tours, so it’s important that they are as clean as possible.

8. Your Dishwasher

To ensure your dishwasher gets all the tomato sauce stains off your dinner plates, you have to clean it too. First, remove any bits of food on the bottom of the dishwasher and run a cycle with a specialty cleanser once a month.

9. Your Oven

It might be time to give it a deep clean. First, chip off loose pieces from your range then sprinkle baking soda and a few drops of white vinegar on the bottom, let it bubble up, then wipe away the grime with a sponge.

10. Your Painted Walls

Maintenance is crucial to keeping a crisp paint job looking fresh. To do this spot clean your walls with a cloth or sponge and water. If that doesn’t work, there are other alternatives including a new coat of paint. Interior and exterior paint dramatically improves the appearance of your home and makes it feel fresh and clean. To appeal to the widest audience, stick to neutral colors that will go with any furniture, and choose an exterior paint that matches other homes in the neighborhood.

11. Your Curb Appeal

Repaint or replace your front door and clean and polish the door knob and fixtures. Power-wash your siding. If necessary, paint your siding, trim, and window shutters. Trim the hedges, keep the lawn mowed, clean your gutters, and plant flowers in the front yard. People are naturally attracted to symmetry, so place any accents on both sides of the door. An old or damaged mailbox makes the wrong first impression. Clean, repair, or replace the post and box. If you replace the post, make sure that it sits at a height of 42 inches above ground to meet federal regulations.

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