Most Commonly Asked Mortgage Questions Answered Here:

What is the right mortgage program for you?
What is homeowners insurance?
What is a loan application?
What is a mortgage payment?
When should I consult a loan officer?
What is the role of a loan officer?
What is conditional approval?
When should I get pre-approved?
What are mortgage points?
What is a co-signer?
What is closing?
What is a down payment?
What are property taxes?
What is mortgage insurance?
Pre-qualification vs pre-approval
What are mortgage closing costs?
What is a VA loan?
Can I afford to buy a home?
Can I buy a home with less than perfect credit?
Interest rate vs APR
What is down payment assistance?
What documents do I need for a mortgage?
What is a home appraisal?
Fixed rate vs adjustable rate
Am I ready to buy a home?
How to improve my credit score?
What should I expect during the loan process?
What is a credit score?
What is a refinance?
What is escrow?
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