Are you clueless about buying a house? Justin Purpero is here to make your California home buying process easier than ever. He is a leading homeownership coach that inspires several buyers every day to make the right move with their investments.

What is the quickest way to buy a house?

Buying a house is one time but a considerable investment for most. To buy a home soon, start with getting preapproved for a mortgage. It allows you to know your capability and the range in which you can look for houses. Search for houses in areas with high inventory. In sleepier markets, you can easily find a house that matches your criteria in contrast to areas with a low home inventory. If you make a firm offer in an area with low economic prosperity, you might be able to close the deal much faster. 

A contingency sale can slow down the pace of your new home purchase. Selling your home ahead of time will allow you to enjoy a certain balance in the bank and offer you flexibility with your closing date. Once a seller takes your offer, make sure that you are available for the seller's agent at all times to answer any questions. Last but not least, make sure your mortgage banker, real estate attorney, and real estate broker are available during the closing week. You must make sure that nothing delays your purchase. For more advice on California home buying process, call us today.

Ways to buy a house within a small budget

Start with deciding on the budget. Calculate the money that you are left with after expenses and taxes and based on the number decide a realistic home budget. Cut down on unnecessary costs and try to pay off the outstanding credit cards and loans to improve your credit scores. Too many exceptional debts can affect the chances of your home loan getting approved. Most lenders require a 20% deposit to grant your loan amount hence make sure you save money every month for the deposit.

Aim to buy a house, the value of which is not more than 2.5 times your annual salary. This value should include expenses like maintenance and repairs costs, homeowner association fees, etc. For financial advice on the purchase of a house, get in touch with us.

Is building your home cheaper than buying?

Research states that building a house is cheaper than buying a constructed home by 30%. However, when you choose to build a home, you need to buy a land first, which can cost you more. Pre-built properties come at a price that is inclusive of the land's worth as well. If you already own land, it is more economical to build a home from scratch. On the contrary, if you don't, its best to buy a constructed house.

Do not fret about your California home buying process anymore! Justin Purpero can counsel and guide you in the safest and easiest path to homeownership. Call us today to schedule a consultation.

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