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Passionate About Inspiring Others

I’m Justin Purpero and I’ve helped thousands of people make the leap to owning a home and finally building wealth. Let me show you how you can too.


The problem.


We live in the wealthiest country on Earth, yet somehow, more than half of us would only survive for a week or two if our income suddenly stopped. Then we’d be out on the street. It’s crazy. People want to build wealth, but feel stuck. They think their living expenses leave them with no choice, but to dump money into someone else’s pocket month after month.


Except they’re wrong.


Through the last 17 years, I personally closed over $1 billion dollars in home mortgages and rose through the ranks to become a leader in the home lending world. As an entrepreneur, thought-leader, and speaker, it’s my passion to stop people from just dreaming about building wealth and independence, and instead, show you the path to living that life now.


Home ownership is the beginning down your path to wealth.


Far more people build wealth with home ownership than anything else. Between 1970 and today, the median home price in California has risen from $24,000 to $461,000. That’s nearly a 20x increase! This consistent growth in value has formed the bedrock of many "ordinary" home owners’ wealth, even making many of them millionaires. And It makes sense why…


Unlike stocks, cryptocurrency, or even cash, homes are intrinsically useful. You can live in it, others can live in it, and it’s always needed. That’s why it holds its value, because it’s REAL. And, the word “real” in real estate comes from the Latin word for Royal. This of course makes sense too.


If you want to be King or Queen of your world, you need to start by owning your own castle.


Rising to the top, then getting dethroned.


In my late teens, fueled by visions of success and abundance, I began to research buying property. I got in touch with many people and attempted to decode the home buying process. I expected a clear cut set of rules, but instead found an enigma. Somehow that drew me in further. I became hooked. In my 19-year-old wisdom, it seemed the clear choice was to leave college behind and become a loan officer full time. And it actually worked for me. At least for a while…


At first I found myself in a world where I was scoffed at by my peers who were 2-3 times my age. No one took me seriously. I wanted to prove myself. So I learned how to grind. Hard. It wasn’t before long that I found myself waking up in my own house, with a nice new BMW M6, and recognition from my friends and family.


But then the financial crisis of 2008 rolled around and my world came crashing down.


I lost it all.


My house, my cars, everything that I had worked for was gone. I felt helpless and humiliated, like my life had been reduced to ashes. As we do in painful situations, I began to look at the past few years with an honest eye. Analyzing how I managed my finances, specifically my home purchase, it was clear to myself that I made mistakes. And if I could make those mistakes as a loan officer, anyone could.


Look, just because a person can get approved for a loan doesn’t mean they should. There are many tactics for getting approved for a home loan, and I’ll share those secrets with you. But getting approved for a home loan is actually the least important part. Aligning your personal wealth strategy, your loan strategy, and timing is the key that opens the path to long-term wealth building.


Oh, and if you don’t have a strategy, guess what? You do. It’s the old, “no-strategy, strategy”. How well do you think that’s going to work for you?


As I began to put the pieces together, I thought to myself, “Somebody should be teaching this to people”. Then I realized that person would be me.


Once I picked myself up, it became apparent that many other people were barely hanging on themselves. I turned my inner struggle into an outside challenge. I began to help people. And with that I found that even though I was penniless, I suddenly felt happier and more fulfilled than ever before.


The fire reignited.


That same fire inside of a 19-year-old me was re-lit with a brilliant new intensity. I became determined to help others who fell get back up and determined to prevent new home buyers from experiencing the same pain that I did. I would earn back every single penny I lost, while helping people make the right choices with the biggest investment of their life.


And I did it.

By 2015 I succeeded in 10x-ing my prior net worth before the 2008 crash. And I re-bought my BMW M6. I missed that car!

By 2016 I had crossed $1 billion dollars in funded residential home loans.

And By 2017 I helped over 2,000 people make the leap to home ownership and building wealth, the right way.

The crushing weight of financial stress had been lifted, I felt like I had abundance in my life, and I was wealthy again. And I want you to be too.


Now it’s your turn.


If you've come this far then I have two things to say:


Thank you. And I respect you.


Your desire to learn is going to make your path a successful one. If you want to start your journey to more abundant living, add me on Instagram @JustinPurpero or check out my podcast "Start Today, Win Tomorrow with Justin Purpero" where I share my secrets, tactics, and stories of the people who I look up to. If you want to reach out personally, go ahead and DM me on Instagram or contact me HERE.


Start today, win tomorrow,


Justin Purpero,

Homeownership Coach, Top 1% Loan Officer, Wealth Creation Specialist

Justin currently lives in Costa Mesa, California with his wife Robyn and their three children Violet, Olivia, and Eatson.


When Justin isn't working, he can be found spending time with his friends and family as well as traveling via RV and coaching his children sports teams.

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